Is Sunscreen Really Worth it?

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Dangers Of SunscreenDespite the health warnings we hear about sunlight contributing to skin cancer, a vast number of the commercially produced sunscreens available today actually contain chemicals which can significantly increase your chances of contracting various forms of cancer, as well as the accumulation of abdominal fat caused by xenoestrogens in some of the ingredients.

Let’s take a look at some of the toxic ingredients commonly found in sunscreen:

  • Octyl-methacinnamate
    Try saying that three times fast; this is just one of many unpronounceable chemicals which has an estrogenic effect on the body, causing abdominal fat gain and even contributing to various types of cancer.
    Octyl-methacinnamate has also been shown to be a common allergen, causing rashes and skin irritation, and even damaging skin cells in some subjects. 
  • Oxybenzone
    This in a very common ingredient which is used to increase the absorption of sunscreen, thereby increasing the amount of chemicals and the speed at which they are dumped into your bloodstream.
    Oxybenzone causes cell damage, lowered sperm count, and has been shown to potentially increase cancer risk factors in men and women. 
  • Retinyl Palmitate
    When combined with exposure to sunlight, retinyls have been shown to increase the growth rate of tumors and lesions, and can actually increase the rate at which cancer cells multiply. This is a startling common ingredient in many creams, lotions, and sunscreens, and is best avoided altogether.

This is just a small section of the horrors which lurk in your bottle of sunscreen, but it should give you some idea of what kind of havoc these products can wreak on your body.

The best approach is to spend frequent but short periods in the sun to enable your skin to adapt without burning; this will enable your body to produce sufficient vitamin D to bolster your immune system and help to prevent cancer.

If you’re going to spend more than 20-30 minutes in the sun and absolutely need to use a sunscreen, your best option is to find a product which uses zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as its active ingredients.

Rather than being absorbed through the skin – and subsequently into the bloodstream – these chemicals sit harmlessly on the surface of the skin and physically block the harmful UV rays.

These products aren’t as cosmetically appealing because they can leave a white coating on the skin, but isn’t that so much more aesthetically pleasing than a lesion or tumor? ')}

Matt Green is a health and fitness expert who trains clients and helps anyone achieve the health and fitness goals they are reaching for. Matt has been into health and wellness for over 13 years. For more information please check out his short bio
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