Simple Restaurant Eating Guide

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Each week, there always seems to be a day when I have to go out to a restaurant to eat because I’m not at home or able to access the healthiest meal possible. After long days it can also be hard to find the energy to make dinner.

Does this sound familiar?

You haven’t been able to go grocery shopping…

and you can’t think of a meal that you should prepare…

or even worse, maybe you’ve even thought about getting fast food…

You’re not alone but there are some important things to keep in mind when you’re eating out. These important guidelines are thankfully easy to follow.

Look For The Most Natural Menu Items

When you’re at a restaurant, look for recipes that you know all of the ingredients in. One of my go to foods when i’m out to eat is a salad. Usually it’s a souvlaki salad with lettuce, onions, peppers, tomatoes, and sometimes chicken.

The best thing you can do is choose a meal that you understand all of the ingredients in. Just as I explained with the salad I like getting when i’m out to eat.

Ask For The Healthy Ingredients

If you choose a salad, you must ask for real dressing. Most restaurants mix soybean oil into their homemade dressings. I recommend asking your waiter to bring over olive oil and balsamic vinegar because it’s much healthier.

If you’re at a restaurant such as chipotle, when you’re assembling your meal, choose the healthy options. Avoiding tortillas and hard shells, choose a bowl with lettuce, black beans, chicken, peppers, with a small dap of sour cream (if necessary).

Eat the foods you love, but ask for the real ingredients, avoiding foods that have long ingredients lists.

Always Drink Water Or…

Drinking water is the best option when you’re out to eat. Avoid diet and regular sodas because they can pack on the pounds and cause inflammation. Adding lemon into your water if a great flavor boost.

Another popular option you can choose is an unsweetened iced tea. This is another healthier option you can choose while dining out. Avoid adding sweeteners of any kind if you choose iced tea.

Avoid The Bread Basket

If you’re eating at a sit-down restaurant, it’s best to avoid the bread basket. It’s loaded with white or wheat bread, which likely contains all kinds of processed ingredients.

Think about when you’re in the grocery store and see the rolls, the ingredients lists are long and there are too many bad ingredients that outweigh the good, if any.

Choosing the foods you love that are healthy is the best option. Now that you have a better plan for eating out at restaurants, what will you be changing the next time you eat out? What always seems to be your weakness when you’re out to eat? ')}

Matt Green is a health and fitness expert who trains clients and helps anyone achieve the health and fitness goals they are reaching for. Matt has been into health and wellness for over 13 years. For more information please check out his short bio
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