Staying accountable without anyone telling you exactly what to eat can cause you to stray away from weight loss success.

Please keep reading to lean how to get access to the Slim Down Smart program that you just purchased.

I have another special offer that I created to fit flawlessly with the Slim Down Smart program and it’s built to keep anyone who grabs it accountable so that you know what you will be eating every single day without question. This is exactly how most of our customers are losing the most weight.

Here is what we did, which provides you an advantage above everyone else. I took aside our most successful members of the program and asked them what would make this program increase their weight loss and keep them motivated and accountable?

Our most successful customers responded that they would like something that would help them plan meals on a regular basis so that there were no questions left un answered and they could pick exactly what they felt like eating as long as it was a part of the program.

If our most successful students were looking for something like this then we knew we had to implement this so that everyone could get these amazing results too. You can always learn from others past experiences to see how you can dramatically increase your results. Don’t you agree?

So what I have done is created a package called the “Supercharged Menu Planner”, which is based on our most successful member’s results. They helped us put this exact program together which has accelerated everyone’s progress. That’s why we call it the “Supercharged Menu Planner”

Losing weight is 85% what you eat so this is super essential for anyone working towards long term weight loss.

Now don’t get me wrong, “Slim Down Smart”, all by itself is about to change your lifestyle. Our hundreds of clients and members are proof of that. But this is different… this is for highly committed people who want an even quicker path to weight loss success.

Once we heard the requests from our advanced members and clients we got to work on a system because we couldn’t do weekly calls for everyone to help them plan meals because we only had so much time.

We knew we had to do something about this so we started coming up with a solution which after lots of testing and tweaking became the Supercharged Menu Planner. The advanced software that’s included does everything for you. This will ensure that you stay on track with the program leaving no chance of error so you can get to the body you have been dreaming about at ultra-speeds.

Since you are committed to the “Slim Down Smart” program, I just wanted to open this option up to you so you had a chance to increase your results like some of our best customers and clients have.

Alongside of giving you this program, we want to reward you for taking immediate action with Slim Down Smart by giving you a very special offer to this program.

The customers who ran through this program at our office paid us $100 per week to help them schedule their meals. That’s $400 a month that the really dedicated members were paying, but since we have built in a program which takes you step by step with your meal planning each day, we want to include this program for you at a massive 70% discount.

With the “Supercharged Menu Planner”, TODAY ONLY – you will get immediate access to our menu planning software, which will plan your everyday meals for you. You will never see an offer like this ever again for this one of a kind program.

With this program you will easily be able to plan your meals fast and efficiently with spending just a few minutes a week.

Our most successful customers have told us they use this system on a daily basis so they can plan out exactly what they want to eat. Some of our customer plan their meals a week in advance and go to the grocery store to get the exact ingredients they need for a full week of meals.

Every time you need to cook something and you run out of ideas, you will have this helpful program to refer to for healthy great tasting recipes, that you can make quickly all from home. Not to mention you can access this any wear you go since this program is mobile and tablet friendly.

This whole system is like having your own nutritionist 24/7 at your home telling you exactly what to do for every single meal during the day without the cost and headaches…

Here’s how it works…


All you need to do is select which meal you are having during the day and pick the foods you enjoy most.

Just click the add food button and select which types of foods you want. Once you use this program you will have all your meals tracked with absolutely no guesswork involved.

Spend a few minutes a day and you have your meals planned for the full day, or you can book weeks in advance.

This is how you can increase your weight loss results because everything is done for you besides picking your favorite foods, saving you hours of time. You will stay on track and meet your weight loss goals in no time.

You will never go blank on what you should be eating during a meal ever again because this system is so simple to use.

You will also never get sick of eating the same meals over and over again because there are literally hundreds of choices to choose from throughout the day.

This is all thanks to the power of the “Supercharged Menu Planner”.

Not only are we going to give you this program that is like having a full time nutritionist living with you, but we will also give you meal plans which will help you choose delicious foods with the “Supercharged Menu Planner”.

Don’t hesitate on this if you are SERIOUS about losing weight.

The Supercharged Menu Planner and meal plans are a perfect complement to Slim Down Smart and this is your one time chance for this huge discount that I am going to give to you.

We normally charge our clients $100 per week to plan their meals for them, but you are not going to pay any wear near that price to get access to this special program.

Get your 70% discount on this program today by adding this to your order for just $57