Walk Through

1- Let’s Get Some Results – In this video I will show you exactly where to start with the Slim Down Smart and you will be setup right off the bat to get the best results possible.

Measuring Results

2- How To Take Measurements To Monitor Progress. This video will show you how to measure yourself properly so you can track and see your results instantly.

Healthy Lifestyle Kickstart

3- Your Diet, My Diet, Our Lifestyle. After you have watched the first 2 videos I will show you how to kick it up a notch. I will expose all the marketing lies that large food companies are telling you along with show you foods which you should stay away from. Additionally I will show you the foods that you should be buying on a regular basis.

Protein Which Makes You Leaner And Full

4- Protein Which Makes You Leaner And Full. Once you have gotten started with the program I will show you some awesome protein and vitamins you should be taking on a regular basis. This is the secret on how to keep the weight coming off with delicious and filling smoothies.

Always Moving

5- Keep Moving To Boost Results. I will show you in this video how you can always keep moving during the day. These tips and tricks will help you lose even more weight in the long term.

Speedy Weight Loss Supplements

6- Speedy Weight Loss Supplements To Help Shed Pounds. There are some essential supplements out there that you should be taking on a regular basis. These secret supplements will boost weight loss results and they will ultimately make you healthier.

Sneaky Little Snacks

7- Sneaky Little Snacks That Keep You Fuller Longer. Of course there are many snacks you can grab at the store but which ones are healthy for you? I will show you which snacks to grab and which ones to avoid like the plague.

Water Tips

8- Water Tips And Tricks For Increased Fat Loss. Water is an essential component to weight loss. I will fill you in on how much you should be drinking and you will also learn which types of water to never buy.

Cheat Day

9- Cheat Day SWEET Day. This is a fun day that includes eating your favorite foods. This is essential to any weight loss program and I will teach you how to do it properly so that you don’t over do it.

Essential Equipment

10- The Best Workout Equipment For You. Ever wonder which types of exercise equipment would be best for home? Well I am going to take you to the sporting goods store to show you which equipment you should get for your home workouts.

Fat Burning Meals

11- Cooking Fat Burning Meals, A Day In My Shoes. In this video I will show you how you can cook your meals throughout the week effortlessly. I hate cooking as it is but this strategy helps you cook less!

Body Stretch

12- Simple & Fast Exercise Routine 1. This exercise routine is known to burn the most calories when done correctly. I will show you this unique and powerful exercise inside.

Quick Exercise Routine 2

13- Simple & Fast Exercise Routine 2. This is part 2 of the first exercise which should be done 2 days after the first exercise. This will be continued fat burning to help you continue burning maximum calories while spending just 20 minutes.

Leg Exercise

14- Simple & Fast Exercise Routine 3. This third routine is a key finishing exercise that will tone your body. This video demonstration will ensure you have great form when performing the exercise.

Tips Tricks

15- Tips & Tricks To Staying Strong. I will show you how to stick to your workout plans for the long term. The tips in this video will drive consistentcy with your new lifestyle. This video will keep you accountable for the long term.

Tips Tricks 2

16- Tips & Tricks To Staying Strong Part 2. Ever get bored of the same meals and recipes? Me too! I have to keep things as new as possible so I can maintain the lifestyle I have build for myself and you can do the same too! Never get bored with eating. Allways have something great to eat…

Rewarding Results

17- Rewarding Long Term Weight Loss. Once you have your ideal lifestyle how can you reward it? I have some great tips & tricks that you can use to reward yourself for the success! I will show you inside.

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