Your Motivation And A Retriever

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motivation2Motivation is one of the most, if not the most, important factors for becoming healthier and losing weight. The reason it’s so important is because if you don’t have a motive to do anything healthy, then it’ll be tough to get long term results.

In this article I’ll share with you 3 ways to acquire motivation, so you can have success on your weight loss journey. First, let me ask you a very important question. Do you want to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Please say YES. If you’re reading this article then you must be interested in improving your health to some degree.

Want to hear the good news? If you said yes to the question I asked above, then you’re already on your way to achieving the health and weight loss results you’re searching for. You just need to connect motivation, to fuel the results you want to achieve.

Let me tell you a quick story about a dog named Gracie. She is a retriever who sprinted as fast as he could. Away from home she ran by mistake because she saw a rabbit. Gracie ran several blocks away from home. After the rabbit got away and Gracie lost the scent, she thought, oo crap how am I going to get back home?

Gracie loved her owners so she wanted to get home as quickly as possible. She also worked up an appetite from chasing that rabbit. Gracie loved where she lived, so she wanted to figure out how to get home as fast as possible. She told herself she wouldn’t let another animal sway her judgment ever again.

Gracie had a motive to get back home so she sniffed and sniffed, searched and searched, without letting any interruptions or failures get the best of her. Gracie was very tempted to chase other birds and animals, however she kept her head down, searching for home again. As she searched and searched, without ever giving up, she finally reached home again.

There are a few important points to take away from the story about Gracie. If you want to feel comfortable in your own skin again, then you need to have the following three pillars in your day to day routine.

1. Motive

As Gracie had a motive to get back home, so she could enjoy her nice warm seat on the couch and a nice dinner, you need a motive to achieve the success you want. If you want to become healthier, lose weight, reduce inflammation, build muscle, or accomplish anything in life, you need a motive. You need conviction and confidence in the weight loss or healthy lifestyle journey you’re starting.

2. Focus

Maintaining focus is another important pillar to success because there will be hundreds of distractions on your journey to achieving the health or weight loss goal you want to accomplish. You need to keep your motive in mind and eliminate anything that could get in the way of the success you want to accomplish. Staying laser focused on the dream body or lifestyle you want, will ensure you stay on track and actually achieve the success you want.

3. Dedication

You must be dedicated to having success. If you’re motive is not strong enough you won’t be very dedicated. There is a very strong balance between these 3 pillars. Being dedicated means skipping unhealthy sugary meals, opting for healthier foods, and treating your body right. With dedication there are also treats on the way.

You shouldn’t ever deprive yourself, so rewarding yourself a couple times a week with a treat, activity, or looking forward to buying something new at the store, can keep you constantly excited and motivated.

I have used these 3 pillars throughout my entire life to see success. Our clients have also instilled this philosophy in their routine, and have seen the same success too. Do you feel like you have these 3 pillars for motivation in place? If not, what do you believe you’re missing? If you are already motivated to have success, what tricks are working for you? ')}

Matt Green is a health and fitness expert who trains clients and helps anyone achieve the health and fitness goals they are reaching for. Matt has been into health and wellness for over 13 years. For more information please check out his short bio
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