Simple Workout Routines

Now that you have a good understanding on how to set your goals and get your mindset right, let’s start getting into some simple and powerful workouts! If you can incorporate an exercise routine 3 times a week for 15 minutes, then you’ll be able to really boost your results as long as you’re following the meal plans.

If you think exercise is too much for you to incorporate right now then just start with the meal plans. If you can’t get an eating routine down properly then exercise is not going to help you.

I see so many people make this mistake all of the time. Just walk into the gym and you’ll see overweight men and women on the treadmills. The sad truth is that they’ll never lose substantial weight unless they get their eating routine working properly and free of toxic foods.

How can anyone run on a treadmill, watch TV while running, and expect results? Watching TV disconnects you from your workout and distracts you. Clearly these people are not focused on exercising and have been misinformed.

When you are first getting started it may take you some extra time to get into the rhythm of the workouts because they are fast paced. The workouts are meant to bring your body into fat burning mode.

These workouts are meant to be fast paced so you’ll be sweating and creating an after burn affect. The after burn affect allows your body to continue burning calories throughout the day instead of only during the workout.

When you’re first starting out it’s important that you start out slow and don’t over work yourself. If you over work yourself you could pull a muscle or develop very sore muscles.

The reason I designed these workouts to be quick was to save time. Who wants to sit in the gym for hours? And who has time for that? The exercises I’ll be giving you will burn more fat and calories for you than spending an hour on the treadmill.

The routines have been designed to help you build some muscle and tone your body. The more muscle you have on your body the more calories you burn when sitting around and even sleeping.
As you review the workout plans below you should complete everything all at once.

For example: there are 4 exercise movements to complete for each routine. You should complete each exercise one after the other with maybe 5 – 10 seconds rest in between. After each round you can take a 30 second break if you need one.

Workout Routine #1
Required Equipment: 5 lb. Dumbbells
Style: Leg & Thigh Blaster
Reps: 8 Rounds: 3 Exercises: 4
1. Walking Lunge with Bicep Curl.
2. Squat Jumps with dumbbells at sides.
3. Lunge Jumps without dumbbells.
4. Step Ups with dumbbells at side.

Workout Routine #2
Required Equipment: 10 lb. Dumbbells and Swiss Ball
Style: Upper Body Toner
Reps: 6 Rounds: 3 Exercises: 4
1. Chest Press with dumbbells.
2. Chest fly with dumbbells.
3. Pushups without dumbbells.
4. Dumbbell Plank Row with dumbbells.

Workout Routine #3
Required Equipment: Resistance Bands
Style: Leg & Thigh Blaster
Reps: 7 Rounds: 3 Exercises: 4
1. Leg Squats with bands.
2. Stationary Lunge with bands.
3. Hamstring band leg stretch.
4. Single Leg Squat without bands.

Workout Routine #4
Required Equipment: Resistance Bands
Style: Upper Body Toner
Reps: 7 Rounds: 3 Exercises: 4
1. Chest Press with bands.
2. Back Rows with bands.
3. Shoulder Press with bands.
4. Chest Fly with bands.

Workout Routine #5
Required Equipment: Medicine Ball
Style: Leg & Thigh Blaster
Reps: 7 Rounds: 3 Exercises: 4
1. Forward Lunge Medicine Ball Swing.
2. Squats Swings with medicine ball.
3. Single Leg Reach with medicine ball
4. Reverse Chop with medicine ball

Workout Routine #6
Required Equipment: Medicine Ball
Style: Upper Body Toner
Reps: 7 Rounds: 3 Exercises: 4
1. Uneven Pushup Side To Side.
2. Medicine Ball Roll Up.
3. Chest Press with medicine ball.
4. Tricep Overhead with medicine ball.

The workouts are 3 rounds long. Each workout should be done nonstop without rest until you have done everything on the list from start to finish. This will help you achieve the intense workout you need to burn fat and create an after affect, which helps you burn fat even after your workout is complete.

You can pick and choose your favorite types of workouts to start implementing. As I mentioned earlier you may already have dumbbells at home, or maybe a medicine ball. Either way you can get started right away if exercise is something you want to incorporate into your routine.

I recommend clients to choose 2 – 3 workouts each week. Make sure you rotate back and forth between leg exercises one day and then performing upper body exercises on your next workout.

This way you’re working more muscles in your body instead of just your lower or upper body all of the time. It’s also a wise idea to alternate lower and upper body workouts so your body has some time to recover from the previous day’s workout.

The exercises that will burn the most fat for you are the leg exercises. They’re harder workouts and help you burn more calories and fat. Most people make the mistake of thinking they have to go to the gym and use the bench press to build some muscle and lose weight. However, that will not be the most effective workout to burn fat.

You’ll see the best results from doing workouts at full speed with minimal rest time, to increase your heart rate for maximum fat loss.