Simple Changes

You can’t target your trouble areas. Trouble areas are perhaps one of the most frustrating things you’ll encounter when trying to lose weight. That’s because the only thing that could be standing between you and your ideal beach body is that extra bit of belly fat that you can’t seem to get rid of. Trouble areas can be very frustrating.

Although you may have these trouble areas on your body that you want to get rid of, there is no way to pinpoint them. You can’t say, “I only want to lose the fat that’s on my arms” because it’s impossible to do that. The way you store and burn fat is completely dependent on your body’s hormones.

Your body has lots of hormones. These hormones can alert you when you’re feeling hungry, when you’re tired, the type of mood you’re in, when you’re stressed, and many other factors. To get rid of your unwanted fat you have to balance your hormones. As we get further into Slim Down Smart, I’ll show you exactly how you can balance your hormones for maximum weight loss success.

Weight loss in much more complex than just calories in and calories out. That’s an over simplification that can lead you down the path of failure.

To start the process of balancing your hormones to achieve optimal weight loss, you’re going to have to modify some of your eating habits. Don’t freak out though because you’ll be eating foods that you enjoy instead of the foods you dislike.

Let me tell you a quick story about one of my friends named Rachael. This will give you a good idea about how powerful a tiny change can show huge successes.

Rachael came to me about wanting to lose a few extra pounds but she was stumped. She tried a few diets, which told her lots of things that she didn’t like to do, such as run on the treadmill for 45 minutes a day, be restrictive on your diet, don’t eat your favorite foods, and a few other chores that just weren’t practical for long term weight loss success.

So I asked her about what she liked to eat on a regular basis. Rachael said, “I like to eat cereal for breakfast, a chicken sandwich for lunch, and a healthy taco for dinner with peppers”. I then asked her if she would make a simple change in her diet and she said, yes she would try. I then asked her “Why don’t you replace the bread on your sandwich at lunch time with a piece of lettuce or Ezekiel 4:9 bread?”

If you’re wondering what Ezekiel bread is, it’s an organic sprouted whole grain bread. This bread is dramatically healthier than the processed wheat breads on the shelf at the grocery store.

I also told her she could eat the wheat bread she was normally eating once a week if she really needed to eat it. After 2 weeks that simple change to her diet helped her lose an additional 4 pounds. Just with that 1 change she dropped the few pounds she was looking for.

The power of food is so strong when you’re trying to lose weight. When making simple changes in your diet, you don’t have to go crazy and run on treadmills, starve yourself to death, or use any of the other tactics that leave us frustrated and deprived of the foods we love. This is just one simple example of how small changes can have dramatic affects.

Find something unhealthy you can start replacing in your daily routine that is easy for you to implement. It can be something you’re eating for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It could even be something as simple as sleeping better at night. Maybe you aren’t getting enough sleep each night, which can lead to poor eating decisions and stress the next day.

If you’re not sure what to change in your diet yet, then that’s perfectly alright! You’ll learn some shocking and incredible changes that will have dramatic effects on your body shortly.

A recent study was released showing the affects that sleep had on weight loss. Group A was filled with people who normally sleep for 5 – 6 hours while group B had people who slept 7 – 8 hours each night.

The results came out and suggested that the people from group A tended to weigh more because they were making poor eating decisions the following day.

Group B was overall healthier and weighed less because they made healthier eating choices the following day.

If you need help figuring out a simple change in your lifestyle, things will make more sense in the upcoming chapters. Or you can refer to the member’s community at Slim Down Smart to share what your daily routine is so that the Slim Down Smart team and myself can give you some tips. Click Here To Access The Community!

Burning fat isn’t just about looking awesome. A high percentage of body fat has been linked to a number of diseases including high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer. The likelihood of you developing these conditions dramatically increases if your body fat is concentrated around your midsection.

Just 1 simple change can have dramatic changes on your health. Just as little as losing 5 pounds can reduce your risk of many diseases and cancer by 10%.

NEVER Ask This 1 Question!

Your first instinct may be to ask your wife or husband if you’ve lost weight or not. That’s not the best idea especially if they see you every day. Chances are, the changes will be too minuscule to notice, so it’s best to ask someone who only sees you two or three times a month.

Your body will not drop 10 lbs. overnight, so it’s going to take a few weeks to start seeing some noticeable results. Losing weight at a healthy rate would be losing 1 – 2 pounds per week. Many of our clients see much larger results than that in the first week but 1 -2 lbs. is the healthy recommended amount.

Keeping your daily log up to date is also very critical to success. The moment you stop keeping track of your results is the moment you’ll start to struggle losing weight and seeing success.

Schedule 3 minutes a day to write down what you’ve eaten for the day. This is a very simple task that should not be overlooked. If you need a daily log form you can print one out at the following link. Click Here To Download The Measurement Form!

Keeping track of your daily habits with the daily log shows you the progress you make, not just physically but emotionally too. Binge eating can be tied to emotional triggers such as depression, anxiety, and stress. So make sure you pay attention to what you’re eating if you experience any of those symptoms. Stress is a common issue in today’s society so try to stay away from comfort foods when you’re feeling stressed form work or a hard day.

By gradually losing weight, you increase the likelihood that you’ll be able to keep the weight off for the long term. Weight loss is a lifestyle change. It means learning how to say “no” to certain foods and opting for healthier and tastier alternatives instead.

Everyone loves eating cake, ice cream, and other unhealthy snacks but you’ll learn how you can make healthier alternatives of these foods that taste even better to help you burn fat!

Remember I told Rachael that she could eat the wheat bread she liked once a week? That was a “Free” day that I added to her weekly routine. You can create one for yourself too once you have the simple change you would like to add into your lifestyle.

A “free” day is a time you choose once a week to eat anything you like. This could be ice cream, cake, and any other treats you like.

You can eat your favorite unhealthy foods on your “free” day as long as you practice portion control and don’t overdo it by eating too much. You should only have 1 free day each week where you can have 1 of your favorite snacks.

Having your free day is a critical day because since you’re eating lean meals during the week, your metabolism will slow down. These free days allow you to boost your metabolism extremely high and then when you go back to your normal eating habits with healthier food choices, your metabolism stays high and you can burn more fat.

Your metabolism will then dip back down by the time you get to your next free day. This is mainly due to the fact that your body has a hormone called leptin. When you’re not eating the foods your body is used to seeing then your leptin levels deplete.

Leptin depletes because your body thinks that there is a problem. This causes your leptin levels to become imbalanced, which then tells your body to cling onto its fat to keep you alive.

This is a survival mechanism that your body has to keep you safe!

What we’ve seen with clients after several months is the elimination of “free” days because you’ll notice that when you eat some of the foods from your old lifestyle, you start to feel differently about them.

Maybe you start getting headaches, feeling bloated, or feeling sick again. Once you eat healthier foods that you enjoy you’ll feel a huge lift in energy and overall health.

This makes perfect sense because why would you go back to your old ways that make you feel sick?

TIP: When eating your meals, cut everything up into small pieces so your plate looks fuller. If you keep your meal clumped up in a corner of your plate then it will look like you’re eating less food.

Make sure to cut everything up before you eat so you see everything you’re eating and feel satisfied when you finish eating.