Slim Down Smart Meal Plans

Week 1
Week 1 Meal Plans

Week 1 is complete with delicious meals that you can start implementing into your daily routine to see results. We have protein power smoothies, chicken dinners, ice cream, along with tons of other meals planned out for you this week. To get started click the “Download Now” button to open the PDF. You can also “Right click” and select “save link as” to download this PDF to your computer.


Week 2
Week 2 Meal Plans

Enjoy a delicious egg casserole for breakfast, deviled eggs for snacks, and a tasty quinoa salad. Week 2 is jam packed with great tasting fat burning recipes! Start week 2 only after you’ve finished week 1. Click the “Download Now” button to get started or download this meal plan by “right clicking” and selecting “save link as”


Week 3
Week 3 Meal Plans

Are you ready for week 3 yet? This week we have more mouthwatering recipes planned out for you to help you burn more fat! Experience our zesty spring salad, chicken fajita, chocolate cheesecake smoothie, and much more! Click the “Download Now” button to get started!


Week 4
Week 4 Meal Plans

Week 4 is packed with another line up of great tasting meals. Inside we have a fat burning pizza, lemon egg chicken, spinach dip and much more! Click the “Download Now” button to get started once you’ve finished weeks 1-3. Download this meal plan by “right clicking” on “Download Now” and selecting “Save link as”.


Week 5
Week 5 Meal Plans

Now that you’ve had a great experience following the first 4 weeks of meal plans, you’ll now be able to start week 5! This week will include some small workout plans that can be performed by anyone, no matter how busy you are. You’ll now start to increase the amount of movement you make on a regular basis while enjoying delicious food!


Week 6
Week 6 Meal Plans

You’re on week 6! Week 6 is a simple week to follow, which will help you stay on track with your weight loss goals while scorching more fat off your body. This will be an exciting week! Click the orange button above to download the plan. Let’s get started!


Week 7
Week 7 Meal Plans

Week 7 is packed with delicious and easy to follow meal plans that will help you accelerate your results again this week! Keep following along and stay strong so you can remain on track and succeed with your fat loss goals! “Right click and select save link as” on the download now button to download week 7’s plan.


Week 8
Week 8 Meal Plans

You’re on the final week! Week 8 contains an easy to follow meal plan schedule that you’ll absolutely enjoy. By now you’ve gotten the hang of the meal plans and how they work and I’m sure you’ve got a system down to follow them. Included this week are powerful exercises for you to help you tone your body and help release excess fat on your body.