Simple Workouts

Now that you have a good understanding how how to set your goals and get your mindset right, let’s start getting into simple and effective workouts! The workouts will be 3 times a week for 20 minutes. When you are first getting started it may take you some extra time to get into the rhythm of the workouts because they are fast paced. The workouts are meant to bring your body into fat burning mode. These workouts are meant to be fast paced so you can build up a sweat and create an after burn affect. The after burn affect allows your body to continue burning calories throughout the day.

When you’re first starting out it’s important that you start out slow and don’t over work yourself. If you over work yourself you could pull a muscle or develop very sore muscles. If you have not worked out in a long time or have not worked out before, then go through the warm up 1 round, the workout 2 rounds, and the core section 1 round.

To learn how the exercises work, continue reading below.

Warming Up – The warm is 1 round long and this is where you will warm up your muscles so you are ready to workout. The hip rolls and scorpions should be done first when getting started with your workout. They help to align your spine and help you achieve maximum performance. As an athlete I would do this before every practice and game because it would help me perform better. If my body was not aligned I was not at my best. So to be your best and get the best out of your workouts the warm ups will be very important.

I have also included a warm up called an inch worm, which helps to warm up your your legs, arms and core. This is great for getting your body ready for the upcoming workout. There are also some additional stretches for you to do that I have listed in each workout plan.

The Workout – The workouts are 3 rounds long. Each workout should be done nonstop without rest until you have done everything on the list from the start of warming up to the end core exercise. This will help you achieve the intense workout you need to burn fat and create an after affect, which helps you burn fat even after your workout is complete.

Core – The core workout is 1 round and it’s the final set of each days workout. The core workout should be completed right after the completion of the workout phase. You should not rest in between segments because you want to complete the workout as fast as possible, while using good form.

You should have 3 days marked off on your calendar for these weekly workouts. They last just 20 minutes so give it your all for this short amount of time. So lets get started with the workout plans. Here are your three workouts for week number 1.