Getting Started

The first part of getting started is to start enjoying what you’re doing. One of the most crucial aspects of a healthy lifestyle is how well you can adapt and stick to it. If you do something that is boring to you, chances are you won’t stick with it for the long term.

I see this happen all the time with clients who explain to me what they’ve tried in the past. Typically I hear things like “I’ve tried eliminating carbs”, “I tried restricting myself from eating”, and my favorite, “I stopped eating dessert”.

None of these types of “diets” work for the long term. Don’t you want to be able to enjoy yourself while steadily watching your waistline shrink to your desired weight?

No one wants to eliminate carbs, restrict themselves, or stop eating desserts. Later on I’ll be revealing to you how you can still eat certain carbs, and desserts, while still losing weight, without depriving yourself. This is a program that will work for the long term.

Who wants to work hard to lose weight and gain it all back anyway? Let me show you how Slim Down Smart can help you lose weight for the long term.

Would you keep doing something that you didn’t enjoy doing for something you may not even be motivated to do in the first place? Probably not…

This is the main reason why diets don’t work and why Slim Down Smart is not a “diet”, because diets simply do not work. Have you ever seen someone who was on a diet that lost weight and then gained it all back plus a few extra pounds a few months later?

That is because dieting is not enjoyable and no one wants to keep doing something that is not fun (Being on a diet is not fun).

It’s not fun to be cooking for hours or killing yourself in the gym, unless of course you enjoy doing so. Some people like to cook a lot and others like to exercise a lot. Although these things can help you increase your results sometimes, liking to cook and exercise is not necessary to have success with Slim Down Smart.

One of the worst things I see people doing at the gym is running on treadmills for hours on end. This can put a lot of stress on your body and increase your cortisol hormone making it even harder to lose weight.

I’ll show you an exercise program that you can implement in a later chapter that takes 20 minutes to complete each day. The exercises that I’ll share have been extensively researched with very positive results showing that they burn just as many calories or more, than those who ran an hour on a treadmill.

The added benefit with the exercise program is that it actually helps you tone your body so you’re not just losing weight and becoming skinny.

It can be exciting at the beginning thinking you’re working hard to get back into shape but it gets old fast, especially if you are doing things you do not enjoy. I have been in this position before and tried doing the things I didn’t enjoy to see if it would stick and sure enough, it didn’t.

Losing weight isn’t about doing crazy exercise though. It can help you slightly increase your results but losing weight is 85% what you eat and 15% exercise.

That’s why the approach that I will be teaching you is much different from the average “diet” program out there. You will not be eating any boring foods or doing any boring exercises. The end result of doing the things you don’t enjoy can leave you frustrated and make it harder for you to achieve success.

99% of the time, success of a healthy lifestyle is determined by how enjoyable it is. Let’s take food for example. If the secret to weight loss was eating wild caught salmon for dinner every night and you loved fish, then you’d likely have great success.

However, if you hated fish then the results would never become successful for the long term. You may eat the fish for a few nights but ultimately you’d just give up because you wouldn’t be able to stand it anymore.

It’s the same thing with exercises too. For example a hockey player’s ideal workout program would include exercises that incorporate hockey movements. For dancers, a Zumba class may sound more attractive. Doing something you enjoy is the first step towards consistency and it’s not spending hours in the gym.

What it ultimately comes down to is that you don’t want your new lifestyle to feel like work. Even though you have to put in an effort to achieve the results you’re looking for, disguising work like cooking or working out as play makes people more productive because time flies when you’re having fun!

HATE Feeling Alone?

Here is a great tip. If you’re tired of always being separated from the pack or trying to lose weight on your own, then it’s a good idea to include activities that involve your family and friends. You can start your family and friends on Slim Down Smart too. This program is for anyone who is trying to live healthier and tone their body.

You do not have to do this alone because everything inside is family friendly. You can teach your loved ones or friends all of these strategies because they will help everyone around you live healthier lives too.

Include your spouse and you can both work together as a team to keep each other accountable to see the weight loss success you’ve been searching for. This can be a big motivator for both of you.

Slim Down Smart, as you will see in later chapters is for anyone looking to live healthier. Weight loss is just one of the many benefits you will achieve with this program.

Once your loved ones and friends see your new body, they’ll be asking you how they can get results just like you!

Before and After Pictures

Before you get started with the program, be sure to take a picture of yourself before you start. Then after you achieve success you can send us a glowing testimonial showing us the huge achievement you’ve made!

On another note it’s always nice to see how far you’ve come on your weight loss journey. Seeing a before and after picture of yourself can help you stick with your new lifestyle for the long term. Before and after pictures are another huge motivator!

Make sure you take measurements around your arms, waist, and legs so you can keep track of your progress. Follow the link for a sample measurement form so you can print one out now: Click Here To Download Measurement Form.

Plus, don’t forget to weigh yourself before you start so you can see how much weight you are losing while following the program.

Measurement Guidelines

Measure yourself at least once a week so you can keep track of your progress. Sometimes it’s not all about the weight you lose because you are also building some muscle if you choose to exercise.

A common misconception is that muscle weighs more than fat. This is false because a pound is a pound.

The difference is in the density of muscle and fat. If you put equal amounts of muscle and fat side by side, you’ll see that fat takes up more space.

Losing weight is essential if you want to appear leaner and tone without the flabby look of fat. It is common for people to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time, so it’s understandable that people get discouraged when their numbers on the scale remain unchanged at first.

It’s not all about your weight when you’re first getting started. Measuring yourself will help you see for yourself that you’re making progress, even if the scale is telling you otherwise during the first week.