California’s New Fight Against GMO Weed Killer

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Roundup GlyphosateThere is news on the horizon about state officials in California. They want to add a harmful ingredient in Monsanto’s roundup herbicide called glyphosate, to the state’s official list of known carcinogens. This labeling in California could change the way the entire nation uses Monsanto’s weed killer.

The use of glyphosate has increased substantially. from 10 million pounds being used in 1993 to 280 million pounds being used in 2012. Since 90% of soybeans are genetically modified in the US, the majority of soy also contains glyphosate in it.

If California is successful in adding glyphosate to it’s proposition 65 list, it would be labelled in grocery stores. It’s so important to have these chemicals labelled so that consumers know what’s in the food they’re buying. The food companies do not want us to know what we’re eating but we should be able to get all the information we need from the label.

Once total transparency is given, I believe a lot of consumers would try to avoid foods that had chemicals and known carcinogens in them. That’s why it’s important that we fight to have food labels labelled properly with all of the information we need to make an informed decision of weather the food is healthy or not.

If California is able to add glyphosate to the proposition 65 list, we could see a huge shift in the quality of foods we eat. Do you think foods that contain glyphosate should be labelled? What are you’re thoughts on GMO foods?



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