4 Step 7 Day Detox Diet

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4 Step DetoxThe reason we eat sugary foods is because we don’t just love them, we’re addicted to them. That’s why there are so many health problems in America today. There is high blood pressure, high cholesterol, IBS, inflammation, joint pain, bloating, fibromyalgia, and the list goes on and on.

If you can learn how to eat the right foods to fuel your body and kick cravings to the curb, then many of the issues I just mentioned would wither away. Once you fix the foods that you’re eating, and provide your body with the essentials that it needs, then you’ll be in the best shape of your life.

There is a certain 4 step process that you must take in order to detoxify your body so that you can eliminate your addiction to the foods that you’re eating. Following this 3 step process has helped hundreds of men and women all around the world.

Step #1: Incorporate The Right Food

Eating the right foods is one of the most powerful steps to detoxifying your body.

Incorporating fresh fruits, veggies, healthy fats, and lean proteins are the most essential foods that you need to be eating. You can eat apples, blueberries, raspberries, celery, lettuce, carrots, sweet potatoes, avocados, chicken, grass fed beef, and turkey.

There is a massive list of foods you can eat outside of the brief list that I just shared too.

The goal is to stick to 1 ingredient foods. Eating a delicious turkey chili, avocado and pepper salad, turkey loaf, chicken fingers, or any other delicious recipes that we have available.

Step #2: Planning For Preparation

Preparation is the next big step. I get a lot of questions from people asking how they can live a healthy lifestyle to detox their bodies when they’re always busy working.

I answer this question by explaining how foods can be made in bulk and leftovers can be used.

For example the turkey chili can be made as a double batch on a Sunday and serve you for multiple meals. Just heat up the leftovers!

Another option is to choose easy meals to prepare that takes less than 10 minutes.

A fresh salad of greens, a creamy avocado, grilled chicken, and some olive oil dressing is one of the easiest meals to make if you’re on a tight schedule.

Step #3: Packing Enough Snacks

Snacking is the next critical step to a successful detox because during dinner time or later at night we tend to be less busy.

This can lead you to unhealthy snacks that you may have laying around in the cupboard, freezer, or refrigerator. That’s why having the right snacks on hand can go a long way.

The average American eats over 150 pounds of sugar each year.

It’s important to choose healthier snacks such as deviled eggs, cashews, almonds, celery and almond butter, string cheese, an apple, a couple squares of dark chocolate, or any other 1 ingredient snacks you can think of.

Step #4: Use Probiotics

There is another step that can help aid in the process of reducing cravings and helping you lose weight. It’s called probiotics. Our bodies have over 100 trillion bacteria, which is the ratio of 10:1 compared to the number of cells we have in our bodies.

That’s why it’s extremely critical to make sure you have a good balance of good bacteria in your body.

The optimal ratio is 85% good bacteria and 15% bad bacteria. Many people have a horrible imbalance, which leads to obesity, cravings, IBS, inflammation, and many other problems.

Providing your body with the right foods and supplementing with probiotics can really help you detoxify your body and get rid of the health problems that you’ve been trying to avoid.

Choosing a supplement that has over 30 billion organisms will help you fight off the bad bacteria and replenish your gut with good bacteria.

Follow these 4 steps for the next 7 days and see how this process works for you. I promise you’ll get amazing results.

Have you tried any of these steps before and seen lots of success? What’s the biggest obstacle you face with losing weight? Are you taking probiotics regularly? ')}

Matt Green is a health and fitness expert who trains clients and helps anyone achieve the health and fitness goals they are reaching for. Matt has been into health and wellness for over 13 years. For more information please check out his short bio
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