Please review our Frequently Asked Questions before contacting us.

Q: How do I get logged into my account?

Once you’re signed up. Please click the sign in button in the top right corner of this webpage. Then enter your email and password. Your password was created for you… It’s behealthy

Q: How long does it take to see results?

Members who start following the plan see results within the first 7 days of using the program. If you eat the foods we recommend and improve your lifestyle, results can happen quickly.

Q: Will I receive anything in the mail?

If you signed up for a lifetime membership to Slim Down Smart for $47, then you’ll only have online access. You can upgrade to a hard copy inside the members area if you’d like.

Q: Where can I get access to the meal plans?

Once you log into your account by clicking the sign in button in the top right corner of this webpage, you can log in and get started today with the plan.

Q: What kind of benefits do members see using the program?

Everyone who follows the plan see’s some form of results. Results include weight loss, increased energy, normalized blood pressure, balanced blood sugar, and the elimination of type 2 diabetes.

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