Are Healthy Foods Too Expensive?

I get a lot of questions about the cost of the foods that Slim Down Smart recommends. New members of Slim Down Smart sometimes learn about new foods that they've never seen before at the grocery store, and immediately think that these foods are extremely expensive, but they're really not and research proves it. Read more »

5 Powerful Health Benefits Of Quinoa

Are you familiar with quinoa? It’s a delicious superfood that can help keep you full, detoxify your body, and help you lose weight. It is a powerful grain that can be eaten on a regular basis. It is easy to cook and it’s very versatile because there are many different ways that you can cook it. You can boil it in chicken/vegetable broth instead of water, add peppers, onions, and beans, or refrigerate it once it’s cooked and add mozzarella chunks, basil, and tomatoes. The options are endless and quinoa can be catered to anyone’s taste preferences. High In Fiber […] Read more »

5 Fats That Lower Triglycerides

Lowering your triglycerides and keeping them in check is critical to living a long and healthy life. You must eat the right foods to normalize your triglycerides. Surprisingly eating fats can help lower your triglycerides. Not just any type of fats, but healthy fats. Trans fats, sugar, breads, pasta, and all sorts of processed carbs can be detrimental to your health and triglycerides. All of these processed foods are also linked to high levels of inflammation. What are triglycerides? They’re a type of fat in your blood. High triglycerides have been linked to heart disease, bad cholesterol, and can be […] Read more »

8 Snacks That Balance Your Blood Sugar

Balancing your blood sugar levels is one of the most important factors for losing weight. It is a fact: If you eat processed carbs, your blood sugar levels are going to spike, which will lead to unwanted weight gain, fatigue, inflammation, and many other health complications. The biggest mistake people make is with snacking. It is a weak spot for most people and I would even classify dessert as a snack too. Processed snacks are everywhere and have never been easier to get your hands on. Cookies, chips, soda, crackers, brownies, milk chocolate, pastries, doughnuts, and hundreds of other foods […] Read more »

How To Shop At The Grocery Store

The grocery store is like a board game. Make a wrong turn and you lose. Grocery store operators are very smart and they place products perfectly at the right height and in the right locations that will grab your attention. End isle displays are also very popular and they are usually stocked with the most popular selling products. Aggressive labeling is also another problem with the grocery store. Consumers are buying products that claim to be “natural”, but just because a product at the grocery store claims it is natural, doesn’t mean it really is. The term “natural” on food […] Read more »