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Matt GreenWelcome to Slim Down Smart! I’m excited to have you here…

My name is Matt Green and I’ve dedicated my life to studying and researching how to live a healthier lifestyle rich in whole foods, while eliminating processed foods. The reason I am so passionate about health is because I was an athlete for over 10 years as a hockey player, and it’s always been extremely critical to eat the right foods to maintain my health for the long term.

When I retired as an athlete in 2011, I decided to passionately research and dig deep into the large food manufacturers to see how they were processing, growing, and producing their foods. I extensively research and study food to ensure I’m providing my family, friends, followers, and myself with the proper amount of proteins, vitamins, and nutrients.

It’s been my mission to help people lose weight, reduce inflammation, alleviate type 2 diabetes, become gluten free, improve their energy levels, and feel healthier. Our mission is to help 1 million people reduce their risk of disease, maintain a healthy weight, and to make better eating decisions to improve our nation’s health.

Slim Down Smart was created to share how I live a clean and healthy lifestyle. Our program and blog posts have helped thousands of people learn how to become healthier, live an organic lifestyle on a budget, lose weight, and feel more energized.

We teach people how to choose higher quality foods that provide essential vitamins and nutrients for our bodies. We share tips on how to avoid pesticides, processed foods, and how to effectively read food labels to make smarter eating decisions.

Discover why wheat bread, gmo foods, and breakfast cereals all should be avoided if you want to reduce inflammation, become healthier, and eliminate processed chemicals from your diet. Learn how to read through the lines when looking at food labeling claims.

At Slim Down Smart we believe in functional medicine. Starting Slim Down Smart has been an exciting journey and I’m excited to continue helping more and more people every single day to learn how to live a longer, healthier life, while reducing the risk of developing any sickness or disease.

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